Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind the scenes Tahiti

At times when documenting trips I find what is going on behind the scenes to be more interesting than the waveriding itself.  On this particular trip that didn't quite apply...the waves we had were by far the scariest things I had ever seen.  The night we flew into Tahiti happened to be mere hours before one of, if not, the heaviest sessions took place at Teahupoo.  While everyone was trying to sleep a couple hours before the sun came up.  Beren Hall and Taylor Steele were up nearly the whole night prepping for the shoot ahead.

Billabong Pro Security house. The end of the Road Tahiti. 1am. August 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hangs upon Nothing surf trailer

Hangs Upon Nothing - teaser from Jeremy Rumas on Vimeo.

16mm film, Indonesia, Mikala Jones as the guide and all the music selfmade..Looks like the start of a great surf film..check it out!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

he did it~!

the asp messed up....

as read on

While the ASP has certainly been blessed with luck as far as scoring waves recently, they have not been blessed with significant mathematical ability. As it turns out, Slater is still one heat win away from becoming the 2011 World Champion, and Owen Wright can technically take the crown. According to a press release from the ASP (don’t worry, we double-checked their info this time) Owen can take the title from Slater if he wins the Search in San Francisco, and then continues on to win at Pipeline, all without Kelly making another heat. The odds aren’t exactly stacked in Owen’s favor, but perhaps stranger things have happened.
In the most epic possible scenario, according to the ASP press release, “If Kelly fails to advance out of another heat this season, and Owen wins in San Francisco and Pipeline, the two will tie at best of nine, eight, seven, etc. events, and the 2011 ASP World Title will be decided in a “Surf Off.”’ Sounds pretty theatrical, doesn’t it? Ocean Beach residents are currently trying to get the champagne out of the sand and back in the bottles, because it looks like this race is still at least one heat away from coming to an end.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


For the past two years I have been given the oppurtunity to spend quite a bit of time with Kelly chasing swells and documenting the waves he loves to ride...This image which was chosen as one of the two images to celebrate his 11th world title was taken while in Fiji in April this year!  I want to first thank Kelly for allowing me to come on the trip and Quiksilver for putting me on the last minute flight to arrive the morning of this day!!! Along with this image, we scored a couple spreads and cover all from the same day!
Congrats KS!!!!