Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surfer April 2010 Cover

Last month I wrote about doing a quick strike mission down to Cabo to escape the rains and bad weather of Southern California.  As it turns out one of the photos I shot of Tanner G, ended up on the cover of the new issue of Surfer!  I am really stoked!!!  It was Tanners first cover of any Magazine..Check this clip of his reaction!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Half moon bay and back

Drove up to Half moon for the Mavericks surf contest last Saturday.  It was probably the biggest surf I had ever seen with my own two eyes, let alone from the water.  Sat on my bodyboard for 11 hours and shot it from sun up to sundown.  Luckily my trusty 6mm handled the test of the cold water and I stayed warm the whole time!  Here's a few shots from my journey up there...
11pm, the night before the event at the harbor

As calm as it is inside the bay what lays outside is not quite the same

Skindog salutes Mavericks in all her beauty

I almost stepped in this on the way in

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taylor Clarke

Yesterday morning I met up with young up and coming ripper kid Taylor Clarke.  I remember seeing him from as young as 8 sitting out on the reef at seaside and though he is 14 now, it was the first time we shot together.  He is Dragon eyewears newest addition to the team so we woke up early and started work!  Here's a couple shots of him rocking the shades and ripping the lip.  We had a fun time shooting and looking forward to sharing the waves again with him soon.
14 years old


as the rain came in

taylor clarke.

Monday, February 8, 2010

old random photos

I was going through some old folders and came across these photos from some travels, some surfs, and some good times...
Jeremy Sherwin at Seaside the summer of 08.  I was frothing to shoot and my friend Billy Watts was there and offered to hold the flash for me.  This shot was never run, the wave is kind of small and flat, but I liked the effect of the speedblur on Jeremy.

While interning for Steven Lippman, Bummy and I would carpool down to his studio in Malibu and surf Zuma before we did our intern duties.  This morning we woke up extra early, drove from SB and shot small, but really clean westwards.  Shooting flash in the morning is a ton of fun and can create some great images, but you do lose a lot of sleep in the process.

This shot of Bede Durbich was never run, but for some reason I really liked it.  You can tell he was going fast and through the tail out.  It gives you a paddlers perspective of a turn I will never be able to do.

x-process film shot of Santa Barbara harbor.  I love how smooth the water is inside the harbor even though on the other side sandspit was going off.

Jordy Smith..this was his first wave of the day.  He pulled this.

New York Mike in San Sebastian, september 2008
Cheyne Mags loves french people and baguettes

Mikes brand new board got thrashed by Air France so we all took turns chopping it up with an axe.

Derek Dunfee with his 10'0 Pat Curren the day before we went to Mavericks on her maiden voyage.   I wanted to get a shot of him with the board just in case anything happened to it the next day.  He ended up getting a bomb on his first wave, ate shit, and Jeff Clarke found his board in the rip about a half a mile away.  Luckily there were no dings and he was able to get a few more waves.
Kieren Perrow in El Salvador.  We went down there for a catalogue shoot for Rhythm clothing and had 5 days of fun surf.  We didn't find any slabs, but we did surf uncrowded right hand points with warm water.  This was shot on the second day.  I tried shooting off the boat, but the driver was sketchy so I opted for the safety of my waterhousing and bodyboard.

Same trip as above...
Bummy again from his first trip to Puerto Escondido. He ate the Ham and Cheese Sandwhich on the airplane and was throwing up before we got to our hotel room.  Montezumas revenge was in full effect.  This photo was taken one night when I woke up to him puking in the shower.  First thing I did was ask if he was ok, when he said "yes" I knew it was ok to come in with my camera and snap a couple photos..hahaha.  poor fella. after that night, he disappeared for two days (which is hard to do in a small town) and I came back to the room with this note on my door.  Still have that note!

Friday, February 5, 2010

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New Wallpaper

Mundaka Spain October 2009